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Sitting For Success

Amount: $641.79 | Year: 2016 | School:

This grant will encourage movement to keep first grade students’ minds and bodies active. These stability chairs are ideal for any child that would benefit from increased focus.

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STEM-An Alternative Energy and Solar Cars

Amount: $840 | Year: 2016 | School:

This STEM project, will investigate how solar energy can be used to power a variety of moving machines including solar cars. Students will design prototypes and test their machines using the Engineering Design Process before optimizing their design in collaboration with other students.

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International Festival

Amount: $2,000 | Year: 2016 | School:

During this event, students and members of the community will have an opportunity to attend an International Festival at the HS/MS. Diversity festivals provide engaging and interactive activities, demonstrations and cultural experiences outside of the classroom.

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Micro Dome-Portal to Viewing the Universe

Amount: $850 | Year: 2016 | School:

Imagine having the power of the Hayden Planetarium within the confines of a New Providence classroom. This grant provides for a technology-based presentation, which produces a three-dimensional model of the universe in the classroom. It demonstrates a way for students to see the interrelated nature of the four STEM subjects while investigating the structure of […]

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STEM-The Space Challenge

Amount: $4,199.40 | Year: 2016 | School:

With the use of the EV3 Space Activity Pack and Challenge Sets, students will investigate a variety of space missions. These kits provide rich opportunities for students to explore and create innovative solutions to current space exploration problems such as how to ensure humans survive in space, how humans can create energy in space and […]

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