Grants in Action

Social Stories for Special Kids

Amount: $680 | Year: 2015 | School:

The Social Stories Project promotes the development of social skills in young children through the use of videos, books, apps and comprehension questions to meet the varied needs of children with special needs. This concrete approach allows for increased repetition and exposure to numerous social situations, provides clear examples of what the student should expect […]

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Enhancing Sensory Motor Experiences for Students with Special Needs

Amount: $1,786 | Year: 2015 | School: ,

Sensory Motor development focuses on the integration of the tactile, proprioceptive (muscle and joint) and vestibular (movement) systems through interactions with the environment. The brain must learn through sensorimotor experiences in order to make organized sense of the body and its connection to the world. By utilizing the curriculum Sensorimotor Group A-Z and various materials, […]

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Mulit-Sensory Approaches to Work Study and Reading

Amount: $1,015 | Year: 2015 | School:

The multi-sensory teaching approach to reading is based upon the idea that some students learn best when the material they are given is presented to them in a variety of modalities. This method uses movement (kinesthetic), touch (tactile), visual and auditory modalities to help students read, write and spell. This project aims to support all […]

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Reaching Reluctant Readers

Amount: $500 | Year: 2015 | School:

To grow our students grow as readers, they need to read books at their independent level. This grant provides materials at a high interest/low reading level. These books replace outdated stories that the 21st century learner is not drawn to.

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Balancing Our Bookshelves and Supporting Readers, Grade 2

Amount: $1,148 | Year: 2015 | School:

In an effort to meet the needs of all diverse learners, an abundance of books in a classroom library is essential. By providing books, student reading levels are supported by matched to ‘just-right books’. Phonemic awareness manipulatives, letter boards, dry erase tablets and gel board/ pens are also incorporated to develop sound-symbol correspondence.

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