Grants for Visual Arts

Presenting with Puppet Power

Amount: $450 | Year: 2019 | School:

Students will have the use of puppets to be used in video projects. This gives students the tool to present ideas and knowledge in a safe and protected way on the internet.

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Focus and Engaged

Amount: $301.92 | Year: 2018 | School:

These products will be utilized to assist students that tend to struggle with staying focused and engaged during independent work sessions. The inflatable sensory cushions will help students stay calm and focused while sitting. The earmuffs will help students with sensory issues and ADHD to try to improve their focus as the earmuffs drown out […]

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Digital Photography

Amount: $3,259 | Year: 2012 | School: ,

Two cameras, 4 create pen and touch tables, 4 sets of Adobe software and a PC will enable Photoshop and Photography classes at the Middle and High schools to better incorporate digital components.

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