Grants for Performing Arts

Orff Instrumentarium

Amount: $3,766 | Year: 2020 | School:

Purchase of Orff instrument set which includes Rosewood Bass Xylophone, Rose Alto Xylophone, Rosewood Soprano Xylophone, Alto Metallophone, Soprano Metallophone, Alto Glockenspiel and Soprano Glockenspiel.

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Color Poster Printing System

Amount: $5,375 | Year: 2018 |

The eColor printer is a system that allows teachers to make documents on the computer using Google Docs or Microsoft Word, and then blow them up to poster sized anchor charts. Will benefit many areas of learning such as Math, Reading and Language studies.

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Theater Console Replacement

Amount: $3,268.59 | Year: 2018 | School:

As technology progresses, there is a need for a digital sound board to support the previous upgrades. This new sound board will equalize the sound in the Auditorium for concerts, assemblies and music productions. Additionally, this will allow for sound cues in the same way lighting cues are programmed.

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