Grants for Books

Leveled Library Book Sets

Amount: $3,313 | Year: 2022 | School:

These new book sets (both fiction and non-fiction) will provide a greater practice of reading strategies for young readers. Students will become more fluent in their reading, sight word knowledge, sense of story, grammar and decoding.

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Book Club Book Collection

Amount: $2,200 | Year: 2021 | School:

Expand the collections of book titles to provide quality literature that will compliment the set curriculum. These books cover a wide range of topics including Holocaust, physical disabilities, gender differences, economic backgrounds and character struggles.

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Audio Assisted Accommodations

Amount: $1,599 | Year: 2019 | School:

Newly purchased audio-books will be implemented for students with learning differences that require reading intervention. These audio-books will be used during guided-reading sessions for those students that qualify.

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Reading Rams Read

Amount: $2,340 | Year: 2019 | School:

Newly purchased books will help to enhance the libraries collections and will be used in a variety of ways to educate as well as encourage reluctant readers.

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