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Amount: $1,500 | Year: 2013 | School:

With the addition of 30 keyboards, English teachers and students will have the ability to utilize new applications, means of note-taking and organization, as well as writing tools with ease. The attachable keyboards students will be more inclined and able to write papers and take notes.

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Headsets for Content Creation

Amount: $1,187.73 | Year: 2013 | School:

In order to help fulfill the Districts Personalized Learning Initiative, 24 headsets with microphones allow students to more efficiently create their own content on the iPads using apps such as ShowME, Educretions and Explain Everything. The headsets allow students to block out external noise while recording their thoughts and explanations.

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Investigating the Sciences using Data Collection Probes

Amount: $6,270 | Year: 2013 | School:

The Science department was awarded LabQuest2 handheld devices which provide students with the opportunity to quickly acquire real-time data and facilitate real world inquiry-based learning. These powerful, portable instruments will permit students the flexibility to collect data as part of authentic performance tasks and to communicate wirelessly with any SMART device, including student iPads, and […]

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The Admission Game

Amount: $2,000 | Year: 2013 | School:

The Admission Game is an interactive program during which the audience is transformed into the college admissions panel at a highly competitive university. They audience is then asked to evaluate student applications based upon a larger discussion about the factors considered in the college admissions process.

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