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Promoting STEM through the use of Rockets

Amount: $890 | Year: 2015 | School:

Providing various equipment, students design, build, test and modify rockets while investigating a variety of physics. In addition, the rocket design activities can be adapted to address additional physics concepts and incorporate the 3D printer as students design and modify their rockets.

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Liberty Science Center Hands-On Technology

Amount: $1647 | Year: 2015 | School:

To promote critical thinking, collaboration, entrepreneurship, innovation and problem solving, the AP Physics students will attend the Extended Laboratory Workshop hosted by Liberty Science Center. Students will engage in the design and construction of a Trebuchet machine as well as program the micro-controller motor.

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Robotics Module

Amount: $8,340 | Year: 2014 | School:

Building upon a previous grant, the Middle School introduced a Robotics module titled “RoboChallenge: Race Against Time”. The module builds on the experiences of the fourth and sixth grade models of design curriculum. The addition of the EV3 Robotics kit provides programmable intelligent bricks that control motors and sensors, as well as providing wireless communication.

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Wow! So, That’s What a Cell Looks Like!

Amount: $3,124 | Year: 2012 | School:

Thirteen microscopes & a digital scope for use with a Smart Board. These student microscopes are battery operated so that they can be used in any classroom, inside or outside the building. Kindergarten through 2nd grade classes will use the microscopes to more closely examine caterpillar eggs while 4th graders examine crystals in their Earth […]

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