Grants for Allen W. Roberts

No RedInk Premium

Amount: $3,141 | Year: 2023 | School: ,

NoRedInk is an online interface that helps students improve their grammar and writing skills, and also customizes lessons that adapt to individual students’ needs. 6th graders from both elementary schools can practice parts of speech, rearrange sentences, edit and mark up text, organize ideas into outlines, and manipulate multi-paragraph passages.

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Learning through Play

Amount: $6,723 | Year: 2023 | School: ,

The full-day kindergarteners will spend their school days in updated learning centers that provide for increased social-emotional learning and developmentally appropriate play opportunities. The “play zones” allow for movement, exploration and collaborative learning.

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Sensory Needs Sensory Diet Plans

Amount: $311 | Year: 2023 | School:

A sensory diet is an individualized gross and fine motor plan for preschool students. The plans are designed by physical therapists and occupational therapists and put in place by the Special Education teachers to help students reach their motor goals at a faster pace.

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Sensory Tool for the Classroom

Amount: $5,928 | Year: 2023 | School:

These are tools for the younger elementary school students to help them learn how to adaptively cope with intense feelings. They provide a therapeutic environment to avoid maladaptive behavior and de-escalate emotionally charged situations.

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A Little Spot of S.E.L

Amount: $464 | Year: 2023 | School:

1st grade students use the ‘A Little Spot Social Emotional Learning Kit’ to explore and gain knowledge for how to better regulate their emotions. The students learn to express their emotions and feelings as they navigate the day.

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