Grants for Science

Mobile Marine Touch Tank

Amount: $10,408 | Year: 2020 | School:

The Touch Tank will enhance the districts Science and STEM programs as it provides the students the ability to experience in real-time a unique and diverse marine environment. The Touch tank is an interactive aquarium that consists of shallow water, sand and saltwater marine wildlife. Science classes within the HS, MS and Elementary schools are […]

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MS Wi-Fi Microscopes

Amount: $7,683 | Year: 2020 | School:

These digital Wi-Fi microscopes, which are compatible with Ipads, allow students to collaboratively view the images from the microscopes, upload and save high-quality images and videos to their iPads for use in lab reports data analysis, engineering design projects and other class assignments.

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GPS Units

Amount: $1,093 | Year: 2020 | School:

Students will gain real world experiences through this GPS technology. It allows for precise location data logging as it relates to time, longitude, latitude and altitude. This will allow for students to expand their knowledge of the world and apply data analytics.

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3D Molecular Models

Amount: $1,774 | Year: 2020 | School:

Three-dimensional molecular modelings kits will allow students to effectively model a variety of molecules and chemical reactions that relate to living organisms and their survival. These concepts are often very abstract and difficult to visualize therefore, these modeling kits create a more hand-on, concrete way for students to learn and discover microscopic scientific concepts.

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Arduino Component Cars

Amount: $2,042 | Year: 2020 | School:

These programmable car materials will be utilized to enhance the students experience with real-world applications and the use of programming and engineering principles in the context of building a final functional project.

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