Grants for Equipment

Merlyn Mind: Digital Assistant for Teachers

Amount: $1,684 | Year: 2022 | School:

Merlyn Mind is the first digital assistant built specifically for education that gives teachers more command of their devices in the classroom. It integrates with apps and devices teachers already use including Google Drive, Google Slides Classcraft and more all to help them navigate all of their technology to run a more efficient classroom.

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RobotLAB: Virtual Reality Learning

Amount: $2,855 | Year: 2022 | School: ,

RobotLAB VR Expeditions is a virtual reality learning tool that lets students join an immersive virtual experience on a variety of topics which brings a multi-sensory component into the classroom. This technology will be shared by both middle school and high school students where they can move away from simple learning to experiencing and creating […]

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Comparative Anatomy Models

Amount: $7,558 | Year: 2022 | School: ,

This building set of Evolution models will allow students at the middle school and the high school level to use hands-on experiences to identify patterns of cause and effect relationships, gather data, draw conclusions and construct explanations regarding the evolution of a species.

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Lu Interactive Playground

Amount: $26,689 | Year: 2022 | School:

The Lu Interactive Playground is an innovative technological device that compliments our health & physical education curriculum. It also supports a students social emotional learning by helping to reduce stress, develop confidence, self esteem and communication skills. The Lu Interactive allows our students to be immersed in “gamified” physical education with cross-curricular content.

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Using eGlass to “Draw In” Students

Amount: $5,128 | Year: 2022 | School: ,

The “eGlass” is an illuminated transparent writing board with a built-in camera that captures the teachers face and glowing ink writing in the same frame.  It boosts student engagement and is beneficial while teaching in-person or remotely.  This new technology can be used for teaching live in the classroom, creating videos to send home to […]

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