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Mathematics Thinking Classrooms

Amount: $3,741 | Year: 2022 | School:

This project is intended to be a pilot program to enhance student learning and further develop critical thinkers in the area of mathematics. Teachers will use this material to help implement new strategies that will create a deep understanding of math in the classroom.

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Social Studies Ancient Games

Amount: $950 | Year: 2022 | School:

These board game replicas of ancient games will assist teachers by providing students with hands-on experiences to learn about Ancient Cultures. This will enhance the Social Studies curriculum through fun, interactive and authentic activities.

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Sora to Enhance SEL, Diversity & Multiculturalism

Amount: $4,000 | Year: 2021 | School: ,

This resource will enable elementary students to read digitally, both curricular titles and books of interest. Students will be exposed to books about social emotional learning, diversity and multiculturism in both digital and print which will assist them in implimenting appropriate SEL strategies inside and outside the classroom.

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Vex Go

Amount: $4,260 | Year: 2021 | School: ,

The Vex Go kit materials help to support STEM curriculum at the elementary school level and will be used to design structures for prototyping engineering solutions. This will ultimately increase student engagement and involvement in robot design, building and programming.

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