Presidential Letter

To our Neighbors & Valued Supporters:

I hope you and your family are happy and healthy as we all manage the ups and downs of these unprecedented times.

On behalf of the New Providence Education Foundation (NPEF), I would like to thank you for your generous support of our 2019-20 school year fundraising efforts. Last year, the NPEF awarded $74,164 in teacher-initiated grants that directly benefit the students in the New Providence school district.

We also reached a huge milestone: $1 million given by the NPEF to our schools since our inception in 2004! We are dependent on, and grateful for, the hard work of our volunteers and the generous financial support from individuals and businesses in our community.

While state and national funding is shrinking, New Providence School District is embarking on a transformational journey to better prepare students for the future. I encourage you to take a look on the district website, under the Newsletters, at the Gen Z Video for a better understanding of this mission.

The vision of the future of education is compelling and the NPEF is honored to support our teachers by awarding grants to help them achieve these goals when current budgets cannot provide what they need.

Current circumstances will not allow us to run in person fundraising events this year and with local businesses dealing with unparalleled challenges, we are relying on individual contributors this year more than ever to support our goals. Your gift of any size will help us continue to provide a rewarding educational experience in our schools and keep us a top ranked school district in NJ.

Donate by: Check: Mail to NPEF PO Box 993 New Providence, NJ 07974
PayPal or Credit card: Donate
Venmo: @NP-EdFoundation

Visit our website for a complete list of our Grants

Thank you for your time and support.

Kind Regards,

Anne McLane
President, New Providence Education Foundation