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Robots and Coding in the 2nd Grade

Amount: $2,410 | Year: 2017 | School:

The purchase of Ozobots, little robots, incorporate technology into real world applications and enhances the developing STEM program. These tiny robots have sensors that respond according to specific colors that are drawn on paper on an iPad. Students can program the robots to move in different ways according to the color combination.

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Classroom Design

Amount: $2,122 | Year: 2017 | School:

This project enhances the learning space in a classroom focusing on the 21st-century learner, by providing a variety of workspace options, creative seating and several types of desks. These options allow students to take responsibility of their learning while encouraging accountability, creativity, problem-solving, initiative and growth.

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Libraries Transforming Communities

Amount: $4,779 | Year: 2017 | School:

The Salt Brook Media Center is undergoing renovation in phases, this project focuses on providing a functional, welcoming and comfortable environment by creating various learning spaces. With a newly renovated layout, the addition of various seating will provide durable, sturdy and moveable options encouraging accountability, creativity, initiative, growth and problem solving.

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The Focus Desk Project

Amount: $2,630 | Year: 2017 | School:

Quite often students are in motion and need movement to increase focus. Traditional desks may make students feel boxed in, bringing out distracting behaviors. Focus desks provide students an opportunity to stand at their desk during instruction and work time.

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Stem Open-Ended Building

Amount: $305 | Year: 2017 | School:

Using Brackitz, a building block kit, students explore using open-ended projects. They are encouraged to build and experiment with block play, which encourages problem solving and collaboration.

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