Grants in Action

Minds-On HS STEM education

Amount: $4,096 | Year: 2011 | School:

The Science Department purchased a class set of MINDSTORMS resources that provided the Conceptual Physics classes the tools necessary to use Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) principals to design and build a variety of robotic machines while solving real world challenges.  At the same time the standards based activities will help the students develop […]

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Making Life Simpler with Simple Machines: 2010

Amount: $275 | Year: 2010 | School:

This grant gives 6th graders a program that provides real life experiences to see and interact with real life simple machines. They will have an opportunity to manipulate simple machines and learn from hands on discovery how machines such as pulleys and levers make work easier. Mathematical calculations are also introduced into the program so students can collect and analyze […]

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Making Life Simpler with Simple Machines: 2009

Amount: $275 | Year: 2009 | School:

The goal of this grant is to provide students with opportunities for hands-on discovery in the field of science. An educator from the Morristown Museum will explore with the sixth grade science class different types of simple machines that we have in our everyday lives and the mathematical calculations to determine how much work the […]

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Robotics Module – Phase II: NXT Robotics

Amount: $6,364 | Year: 2008 | School:

In 2004, utilizing a NPEF grant, the NP Middle School introduced a Robotics module “RoboChallenge: Race Against Time”, a challenging, hands-on, minds-on, standards based science unit designed to instill teamwork and problem-solving skills. The module builds on the experiences of the 4th grade ‘robotics’ and 6th grade ‘models and designs’ curriculum units and helps nurture […]

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RoboLab: Team Challenge

Amount: $1,522 | Year: 2005 | School:

Additional funding is being provided to enhance the RoboLab, which was initiated last year through an NPEF grant, by providing a laptop computer dedicated to this seventh and eighth grade science mod, making the system portable and giving the instructor the ability to design, present, and run additional robotics challenges.

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