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21st Century Learning for All

Amount: $2,766 | Year: 2011 | School:

The goal of “21st Century Learning for All” is to further and consistently immerse our students in technology, provide them the tools to interact with computer applications and provide them with another vehicle for expression. By establishing a SmartBoard and projector in the gifted and talented classroom, students and teachers would have instant access to […]

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Giggly Wiggly Worms: Vermi-composting with 1st and 2nd Graders

Amount: $1,006 | Year: 2011 | School:

First and second grade students will become very familiar with the process of composting and recycling their food scraps through the installation of compost collection containers, a compost tumbler and four worm bins.  The experience of composting will show our young students that nature is a cycle: things grow, die, decay and return to the […]

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A “Novel” Way for Integrating Science, Reading, and Character Education in the Science Classroom

Amount: $350 | Year: 2011 | School:

It is important for students to understand that different content areas are related, not separate from one another, and scientists are required to read a large variety of materials as a part of their work.  This project increases the types of reading materials that students are exposed to in the 6th grade science curriculum and […]

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SMART Response Interactive Remotes

Amount: $1,600 | Year: 2011 | School:

The SMART Response Interactive Response System operates in conjunction with the SmartBoard. Students are given a remote which is used to submit answers to prompts & questions presented on the SmartBoard. This allows all students a voice or input.  It enhances the lessons by allowing the instructors to adapt and differentiate instruction as needed and […]

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Minds-On HS STEM education

Amount: $4,096 | Year: 2011 | School:

The Science Department purchased a class set of MINDSTORMS resources that provided the Conceptual Physics classes the tools necessary to use Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) principals to design and build a variety of robotic machines while solving real world challenges.  At the same time the standards based activities will help the students develop […]

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