Grants in Action

LabQuest Interfaces for Motion, Forces and Energy

Amount: $3,741 | Year: 2007 | School:

In alignment with the current application of technology in the physics classroom, the next phase of implementation in the program is to allow for students to measure and record data outside of the bounds of the classroom. A brand new technology has been introduced by Vernier in the form of the LabQuest interface. The LabQuest […]

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Optimization of Science Probes using a Smart Board

Amount: $4,090 | Year: 2007 | School:

Over the past few years, the science department through a variety of NPEF grants has successfully incorporated the use of a variety of probes, CBL’s (computer based labs), ProScopes, multimedia projectors and video capture into the course curriculum. This grant provides for two SMART Boards to improve the conceptual understanding of the student and increase […]

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Investigating the Biological World Using ProScopes – Phase 2

Amount: $6,859 | Year: 2007 | School:

The Biology Department will expand on the success of probes and ProScopes that were purchased with NPEF grants over the past three years. This grant is for additional ProScopes, or digital microscopes. The digital images can be displayed on a computer monitor or be projected onto a screen. These digital microscopes provide immediate images that […]

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After-School Remedial Program

Amount: $10,166 | Year: 2006 | School: ,

In order to meet the goal of every child performing at the proficient range, the elementary schools are organizing and facilitating a supplemental after school remedial program that assists students in third through fifth grades in the areas of Language Arts / Literacy and Mathematics.  Twelve teachers will develop a program of study consisting of […]

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Integrating Science and Technology: Flex-cam

Amount: $1,831 | Year: 2006 | School:

The FOSS science program emphasizes small group investigations.  A flex-cam will be purchased and can be used to guide these investigations with examples of material the students are examining.  The teacher can demonstrate the exploration of what is being studied using the flex-cam and the children can stay in their seats and get a better […]

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