Grants for Roberts

Therapeutic Games

Amount: $270 | Year: 2017 | School:

Many students face academic, social, emotional, and behavioral challenges in school. The hands-on therapeutic games in this grant engage student’s attention while fostering specific skills. The goal for these resources is to help student’s develop and strengthen pro-social behaviors including but not limited to, impulse control, anger management, perspective taking, self- esteem, problem solving and […]

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Enhancing the STEM Library

Amount: $1,371 | Year: 2017 | School:

Listening to and reading stories engages us in new topics as we are drawn into high interest literature. This project will increase student interest and awareness of STEM topics through the use of storybooks and high interest nonfiction.

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STEM-Mobil MakerSpace Carts

Amount: $11,569.90 | Year: 2016 | School: ,

Mobil MakerSpace Carts contain tools that elicit collaboration and unleash creativity. Three carts for each elementary school will provide students with the opportunity to create, code, tinker, fail, and think critically from any classroom. The carts introduce the framework for computer science, coding modular robotics, testing simple circuits, designing machines, or simply building.

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Transporting Students via Green Screen Technology

Amount: $1,253.08 | Year: 2016 | School: ,

This grant will provide an opportunity for students to use green screen technology to transport themselves to places that would not be otherwise possible. They will be able to superimpose themselves in a far away land, shrink themselves to explore the human body, or explore careers inside authentic locations.

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