Grants for Allen W. Roberts

Classroom Audible Book Project

Amount: $1,000 | Year: 2011 | School:

The purpose of this grant is to establish audible books in each Special Education resource room.  Books that students can “listen to” will allow us to expose our students to a variety of literary genres. Furthermore, audible books will help to improve reading fluency as well as increase comprehension skills.  These skills are the building […]

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21st Century Learning for All

Amount: $2,766 | Year: 2011 | School:

The goal of “21st Century Learning for All” is to further and consistently immerse our students in technology, provide them the tools to interact with computer applications and provide them with another vehicle for expression. By establishing a SmartBoard and projector in the gifted and talented classroom, students and teachers would have instant access to […]

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Music – Support for children with Autism

Amount: $793 | Year: 2011 | School: ,

This grant allows teachers to update their music technology for the full day preschool program.  The request includes iPod shuffles, kids’ earphones, armbands, an iHome station & iTunes for the Pre-K program, all to be used as therapeutic and behavioral support.  Integrating music into the student’s academic day will be individualized to their sensory and […]

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Giggly Wiggly Worms: Vermi-composting with 1st and 2nd Graders

Amount: $1,006 | Year: 2011 | School:

First and second grade students will become very familiar with the process of composting and recycling their food scraps through the installation of compost collection containers, a compost tumbler and four worm bins.  The experience of composting will show our young students that nature is a cycle: things grow, die, decay and return to the […]

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