Grants for 2008

Family Math (Part II)

Amount: $2,000 | Year: 2008 | School:

Family Math is an after school family involvement program that provided elementary school children and their parents with opportunities to develop problem solving skills and understanding of mathematical concepts in an enjoyable, non-threatening atmosphere. Children and adults came together to do mathematics and then practice at home the ideas they learned in class. The NPEF […]

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Technology Tools in the Science Classroom

Amount: $4,000
 | Year: 2008 | School:

The Middle School Science Department was looking to upgrade the data acquisition technology currently in use in the 7th and 8th grade classrooms. This grant funded the purchase of Vernier Labquest handhelds, allowing students to quickly collect important data, save/catalogue data, and convert it into charts and graphs. This means that students will be spending […]

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Robotics Module – Phase II: NXT Robotics

Amount: $6,364 | Year: 2008 | School:

In 2004, utilizing a NPEF grant, the NP Middle School introduced a Robotics module “RoboChallenge: Race Against Time”, a challenging, hands-on, minds-on, standards based science unit designed to instill teamwork and problem-solving skills. The module builds on the experiences of the 4th grade ‘robotics’ and 6th grade ‘models and designs’ curriculum units and helps nurture […]

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Holocaust Survivor Speaker / Social Studies

Amount: $400 | Year: 2008 | School:

The goal of this project was to provide New Providence students with an opportunity to learn first-hand what it was like to live through the Holocaust. Tova Friedman is a Holocaust survivor who lived through the terrible times spent in the Polish Ghetto and was liberated from the Nazi death camp, Auschwitz. Her story and […]

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Technology in the Classroom: Social Studies

Amount: $2,850
 | Year: 2008 | School:

The Social Studies Department requested the addition of Smart Board technology in the classroom to enhance the classroom curriculum. This grant provided interactive whiteboards which are designed to raise the level of student engagement by providing a large work space for hands-on learning. The bulk of this grant was funded by the Junior League of […]

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