Grants in Action

Robotics Module – Phase II: NXT Robotics

In 2004, utilizing a NPEF grant, the NP Middle School introduced a Robotics module “RoboChallenge: Race Against Time”, a challenging, hands-on, minds-on, standards based science unit designed to instill teamwork and problem-solving skills.

The module builds on the experiences of the 4th grade ‘robotics’ and 6th grade ‘models and designs’ curriculum units and helps nurture student’s natural interests in how things work by providing guided and progressive robotics and machine design learning exercises.

The latest generation of Lego MindStorms Robotics has now been introduced and both the mechanics and software components have been upgraded to more user-friendly versions.

The NPEF grant helped the Science Department to provide students with the opportunity to solve problems involving tools and machines, to develop an understanding of how machines are controlled remotely, and to develop technological design and problem solving skills.

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