Grants in Action

Investigating the Biological World Using ProScopes – Phase 2

The Biology Department will expand on the success of probes and ProScopes that were purchased with NPEF grants over the past three years. This grant is for additional ProScopes, or digital microscopes. The digital images can be displayed on a computer monitor or be projected onto a screen.

These digital microscopes provide immediate images that can be captured, modified, saved and transferred to other computers. They allow student, teacher and the whole class to see what is being viewed through a microscope. The variety of different lenses provided allows students to dissect, examine, and investigate a wide range of live, preserved and histological samples. These digital images can be inserted into word-processing and power point applications. This important instructional tool allows teachers to guide both the entire class and individual students while they work in a small instructional group setting.

In addition, the grant provides for additional Vernier probes, which reduces the size of lab groups and allows them to measure multiple dependant variables simultaneously.

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