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Document Analysis in History though Hovercam

Amount: $219 | Year: 2011 | School:

The Hovercam can project images and text from books and other sources onto the SmartBoard.  This allows students to readily access authentic historical documents to analyze them in a very interactive way.  Additionally, student work can be projected onto the SmartBoard allowing for greater collaboration and immediate feedback.

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SMART Response Interactive Response System

Amount: $1,600 | Year: 2010 | School:

The purpose of this grant is to enhance existing SMART Board technology within the middle school. Students are each assigned a remote which they can use to submit answers to prompts and questions presented on the SMART Board. The system can be used for pre-reading, prewriting, anticipatory sets and formal assessments. The most beneficial aspect […]

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Interactive SMART Board Integration in Social Studies

Amount: $2,700 | Year: 2010 | School:

The Social Studies Department, as part of its professional learning community and peer review project, is working to create teacher resources that are aligned with the new standards and reflect the new 21st century skills. The addition of two interactive SMART Boards will enhance the instruction for almost 500 students each day and will make […]

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SMART Board Math Tools

Amount: $831 | Year: 2010 | School: , , ,

All of the classrooms in the Mathematics Department of the New Providence School District (grades 5-12) are currently fitted with SMART Boards and an attached computer. As an additional tool, ten CD-ROMs that contain SMART Notebook Math Tools can combine all the tools that teachers need to switch between multiple software applications seamlessly so that math becomes more engaging and understandable. The […]

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Maximizing Literacy Learning: SMART Boards & Projector

Amount: $4,280 | Year: 2008 | School:

The NPEF awarded a grant towards the purchase of a Smartboard to allow high school language arts teachers to maximize the learning environments of their classrooms. The use of the Smartboard provided enhanced teacher and student presentations, increased the amount of information and interdisciplinary awareness that comes into the classroom, and maximized the use of […]

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