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SMART Presentations: Television Production

Amount: $2,575 | Year: 2008 | School:

The interactive whiteboard seamlessly blends conventional class learning strategies at the board with the ability to interact, save and edit digital images on a computer. Visual learners see what is taking place as it unfolds, whereas those with poor visual skills benefit from the large display and the ability to highlight parts of an image. […]

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A SMART! Classroom / Special Education

Amount: $1,759 | Year: 2008 | School:

The NPEF grant helped purchase a mobile Smartboard that is an asset to the entire special education population at the Salt Brook School. The students used technology as an important part in creating meaning and relevance in all areas of their learning and the Smartboard helped teachers differentiate the lessons to the needs of all […]

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Technology in the Classroom: Social Studies

Amount: $2,850
 | Year: 2008 | School:

The Social Studies Department requested the addition of Smart Board technology in the classroom to enhance the classroom curriculum. This grant provided interactive whiteboards which are designed to raise the level of student engagement by providing a large work space for hands-on learning. The bulk of this grant was funded by the Junior League of […]

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Phase III Smartboard Integration: Social Studies

Amount: $2,150
 | Year: 2008 | School:

Smartboard technology enhanced the Social Studies instruction through the use of interactive projection technology, provided a means to deliver specialized academic support, and allowed students to present research and historical analysis through programs such as PowerPoint, ABC-Clio, and Safari Montage.

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Stepping into a Digital Classroom

Amount: $1,060 | Year: 2007 | School:

Four digital cameras are requested. Integrating digital cameras will allow for more productive, creative, and enhanced lessons and presentations. Resources are consistently being provided for classroom teachers to increase their technology education and incorporate the latest technology within their classrooms. Smart Boards, laptop computers, and multimedia carts are becoming an active part of our classrooms […]

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