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Pixels to PowerPoint

Amount: $1,088 | Year: 2007 | School: ,

“Pixels to PowerPoint” will enable the students and teachers to develop, create, customize and develop presentations through the use of technology while employing a wide range of strategies to communicate with different audiences for a variety of purposes. Students within the gifted and talented program work primarily on projects which include creative and critical thinking […]

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Step up to the Plate

Amount: $2,000 | Year: 2007 | School:

Each year, the students at Salt Brook School learn and practice lessons in social decision-making and conflict resolution as part of their Character Education program. This year the Character Education Committee has developed a program called “Step up to the Plate”. The theme, having the strength and courage to do what is right even when […]

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Stepping into a Digital Classroom

Amount: $1,060 | Year: 2007 | School:

Four digital cameras are requested. Integrating digital cameras will allow for more productive, creative, and enhanced lessons and presentations. Resources are consistently being provided for classroom teachers to increase their technology education and incorporate the latest technology within their classrooms. Smart Boards, laptop computers, and multimedia carts are becoming an active part of our classrooms […]

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Mathematical Patterns as they Relate to the Real World Through the Use of Technology

Amount: $7,245 | Year: 2007 | School:

Patterns are one of the most important ideas studied in all disciplines. We are now recognizing the connection between biology and mathematics and how patterns discovered in math, for example, are directly related to the way viruses regenerate themselves. With the addition of new, advanced technology and Internet access, students from ninth grade through twelfth […]

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Camcorder Collaboration – Preschool Disabilities Class

Amount: $750 | Year: 2006 | School: ,

This grant will enable teachers in the pre-school class for children with special needs, housed at Salt Brook school, to use a digital camcorder and tripod to accurately record student progress in given areas of development over time, in reference to various Individualized Education Plan goals and the acquisition of typical pre-school skills, as well […]

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