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Holocaust Survivor Speaker

Amount: $400 | Year: 2006 | School:

Tova Friedman – a Jewish woman and concentration camp survivor who has overcome extreme adversity in her life growing up in Poland at the onset of WWII – will present her story to students in the Middle School.  As a small girl she survived child extermination in a Polish ghetto and was later one of […]

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Teleprompter Kit for Media Projects & Oral Communication

Amount: $1,600 | Year: 2006 | School:

This grant will help to improve student written and oral communications skills with the purchase of a Universal Teleprompter system, which will be used by the High School Journalism and Video Design classes during the production of magazine shows and sports reports.  In addition, this technology can be used to enhance the students’ awareness of […]

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Therapeutic Listening

Amount: $1,439 | Year: 2005 | School: ,

Through this grant additional headphones and another library of musical CDs will be added to the district’s Therapeutic Listening Program so that the district’s occupational therapists can assist more students ages three through twelve who have sensory integration dysfunction by implementing individually focused therapeutic listening plans.

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Multimedia Presentations Carts

Amount: $5,150 | Year: 2005 | School:

A grant will be provided to each elementary school to add a second multi-media presentation cart.  Last year the NPEF provided one multimedia cart to each school as well.  The new cart will help reduce waiting lists and allow teachers and students to further access internet resources, present student work, reinforce lessons, and design class […]

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Going Digital in the Classroom

Amount: $952 | Year: 2005 | School:

Four digital cameras will be purchased through this grant for teachers and students to use to enhance their lessons and presentations and to develop skills with interactive technology that increase productivity and creativity.

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