Grants for Books

Reaching Reluctant Readers

Amount: $500 | Year: 2015 | School:

To grow our students grow as readers, they need to read books at their independent level. This grant provides materials at a high interest/low reading level. These books replace outdated stories that the 21st century learner is not drawn to.

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Balancing Our Bookshelves and Supporting Readers, Grade 2

Amount: $1,148 | Year: 2015 | School:

In an effort to meet the needs of all diverse learners, an abundance of books in a classroom library is essential. By providing books, student reading levels are supported by matched to ‘just-right books’. Phonemic awareness manipulatives, letter boards, dry erase tablets and gel board/ pens are also incorporated to develop sound-symbol correspondence.

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Shared Reading with Big Books

Amount: $1,213 | Year: 2015 | School:

The goal of this project is to guide students to become fluent and expressive readers. A collection of Big Books texts and a document camera will allow students to see text clearly, learn critical concepts, build frequency, decode words and develop vocabulary.

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Deepening Comprehension with Developing Readers

Amount: $1,870 | Year: 2013 | School:

To help support reading comprehension, special education teachers, were awarded this grant which purchased books written at lower readability levels, with topics to meet students interest and develop comprehension. It allows teachers to continue to incorporate guided reading and book clubs in their classrooms while engaging the students in leveled reading books with age-appropriate content.

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Library E-Reader/E-book project

Amount: $735 | Year: 2012 | School:

Six Nooks, cases and 10 e-books. Pilot e-reader project to evaluate the viability of e-readers and e-books in the school libary setting and the feasibility of augmenting the e-reader project to all library users in the future. The 5th grade LLD class was selected as a pilot because it is a small group of students […]

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