Grants for Roberts

Sitting For Success

Amount: $641.79 | Year: 2016 | School:

This grant will encourage movement to keep first grade students’ minds and bodies active. These stability chairs are ideal for any child that would benefit from increased focus.

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Interactive Technology in the ESL/ELL Classroom

Amount: $3,586 | Year: 2015 | School: ,

The broad spectrum of the ESL/ELL classroom is such that a teacher may have several different languages spoken in one classroom. Bringing each of these student to English proficiency becomes a true test of differentiation in the classroom. The ability to personalize the type and pace of instruction through the use of and iPad is […]

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21st century Life and Careers: Global Awareness

Amount: $2,910 | Year: 2015 | School: ,

During a designated week, the elementary schools will be decorated with international flags and photos. The ESL (English as a Second Language) and FLES (Foreign Language in Elementary Schools) will learn about our global society by watching and responding to films form the Families of the World series. The primary goal of celebrating diversity is […]

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Books for Every Reader

Amount: $200 | Year: 2015 | School:

To grow as readers, students need to read books at their independent level. This grant provides materials at a high interest/low reading level. These books replace outdated stories that the 21st century learner is not drawn to.

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Social Stories for Special Kids

Amount: $680 | Year: 2015 | School:

The Social Stories Project promotes the development of social skills in young children through the use of videos, books, apps and comprehension questions to meet the varied needs of children with special needs. This concrete approach allows for increased repetition and exposure to numerous social situations, provides clear examples of what the student should expect […]

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