Grants for Technology

Digital Literacy

Amount: $5,590 | Year: 2017 | School:

The amount of digital resources has increased (Think Central, RAZ Kids, Big Universe, Newsela, etc.). Students throughout the day utilize these resources. The Digital Literacy grant provides 10 iPads, keyboards and a cart for all grade levels to access.

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You Complete Me…iPads

Amount: $3,006 | Year: 2017 |

To help provide meaningful technology opportunities, this grant will provide 6 new iPads, keyboards and cases for the library. By placing them there, students and teachers will have access to their endless uses.

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Robots: Programming and Building the Future

Amount: $5,058 | Year: 2017 | School:

The age of Personal Robotics is rapidly approaching, which includes new technology such as the Nest Thermostats, Roomba Vacuum or Google’s Self-Driving Car. Today’s students should develop a conceptual understanding of how to use and program the myriad of robots that will soon be intimately involved in their lives. The EZ-Robot is an engaging educational […]

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Putting an ‘A’ into the STEM of Biomedical Engineering

Amount: $1,963 | Year: 2017 | School:

The purchase of 15 Scribbler 3D pens exposes students in the engineering design process and the integral part prototyping plays in this process. These pens introduce students to the concepts of tissue engineering and synthetic organs. They also allow students to design their own solutions to biomedical engineering problems.

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FLIR One and LabQuest Stream

Amount: $2,795 | Year: 2017 | School:

Using FLIR (Forward Looking Infra-Red) ONE cameras along with a free Thermal Analysis App, students can observe temperature changes on the skin, illustrate convection, track heating due to friction, compare heat convection, analyze the transparency of material and much more. In addition, 6 Vernier LabQuest Streams will be purchased to interface with existing probes, sensors […]

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