Grants for Technology

Technology in Journalism

Amount: $5,400 | Year: 2009 | School:

This grant is designed to enhance the experience of student journalists inside and outside the classroom of the NP High School. The Providential is the student run and produced newspaper and currently, student editors are working with software originally dating back to the 1980’s. An upgrade of the software with the purchase of a new […]

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Computer Tool for Transforming Design

Amount: $3,387 | Year: 2009 | School:

The purpose of this grant is to help combine computer technology with modern manufacturing techniques to bring students’ original designs on computer to a finished professional product. Purchasing a CNC Router machine and the companion software will allow students to use the CNC tool to read their computer designs and produce the actual or model […]

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Welcome to the Digital Age

Amount: $2,884 | Year: 2009 | School:

This grant will allow the guidance department to upgrade the technology by which information is disseminated to the high school student population. Currently, important dates, reminders, and information flash across an information board located in the High School cafeteria – a very outdated technology. In an attempt to keep all students abreast of pivotal guidance […]

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Maximizing Literacy Learning: SMART Boards & Projector

Amount: $4,280 | Year: 2008 | School:

The NPEF awarded a grant towards the purchase of a Smartboard to allow high school language arts teachers to maximize the learning environments of their classrooms. The use of the Smartboard provided enhanced teacher and student presentations, increased the amount of information and interdisciplinary awareness that comes into the classroom, and maximized the use of […]

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SMART Presentations: Television Production

Amount: $2,575 | Year: 2008 | School:

The interactive whiteboard seamlessly blends conventional class learning strategies at the board with the ability to interact, save and edit digital images on a computer. Visual learners see what is taking place as it unfolds, whereas those with poor visual skills benefit from the large display and the ability to highlight parts of an image. […]

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