Grants in Action

Technology in Journalism

This grant is designed to enhance the experience of student journalists inside and outside the classroom of the NP High School. The Providential is the student run and produced newspaper and currently, student editors are working with software originally dating back to the 1980’s.

An upgrade of the software with the purchase of a new system, InDesign by Adobe, will enhance the task of producing a school paper in the 21st century. It is designed to work with the district’s current technology of faster computers, it is more intuitive and easier to manipulate than the old Quark system, and it has on-line applications that will allow The Providential staff to transition to the future of the paper – digital publishing.

The grant would also cover the purchase of four new laptops (there are only two currently) for the journalism classroom which has 32 students. This will allow for a more efficient educational experience for these students during the production of the school paper.

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