Grants for Materials

Trinocular Microscopes to Enhance 5th and 6th Grade Science

Amount: $3,436

 | Year: 2009 | School:

With this grant, the fifth and sixth grade science classes will each have two trinocular microscopes. This microscope allows the teacher to assist students in their observations of microscope samples. Students look through a binocular (double) eyepiece while the teacher can use a monocular eyepiece at the same time. These microscopes bring state of the […]

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Using Mentor Texts to Facilitate Writer’s Workshop

Amount: $2,344

 | Year: 2009 | School:

This grant will assist with building a bank of writing models from which our teachers as well as our students would be able to access immediately. The Teacher’s College Writing Institute at Columbia University recommends that classrooms be equipped with texts that model various genres of writing as well as traits of writing. This bank […]

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Making Life Simpler with Simple Machines: 2009

Amount: $275 | Year: 2009 | School:

The goal of this grant is to provide students with opportunities for hands-on discovery in the field of science. An educator from the Morristown Museum will explore with the sixth grade science class different types of simple machines that we have in our everyday lives and the mathematical calculations to determine how much work the […]

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Voyager Math: An Individualized Math Intervention Program

Amount: $1,050 | Year: 2009 | School:

Voyager Math is a balanced, systematic program that blends print and technology to differentiate instruction for every type of learner. This grant will provide an effective and motivating intervention program for the struggling math students. The teachers will have the flexibility to conduct small group lessons and to assign independent practice that can take place […]

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Classroom Supply Center

Amount: $690 | Year: 2009 | School:

This grant will help establish a classroom supply center to help maximize instructional time. The items in the supply center will be: pens, pencils, paper, highlighters, rulers, and other academic necessities. History has shown that students transitioning from elementary school struggle with the responsibilities of being prepared while moving from class to class. This can […]

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