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Enhancing Sensory Motor Experiences for Students with Special Needs

Amount: $1,786 | Year: 2015 | School: ,

Sensory Motor development focuses on the integration of the tactile, proprioceptive (muscle and joint) and vestibular (movement) systems through interactions with the environment. The brain must learn through sensorimotor experiences in order to make organized sense of the body and its connection to the world. By utilizing the curriculum Sensorimotor Group A-Z and various materials, […]

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Mulit-Sensory Approaches to Work Study and Reading

Amount: $1,015 | Year: 2015 | School:

The multi-sensory teaching approach to reading is based upon the idea that some students learn best when the material they are given is presented to them in a variety of modalities. This method uses movement (kinesthetic), touch (tactile), visual and auditory modalities to help students read, write and spell. This project aims to support all […]

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Classroom Amplification Technology

Amount: $5,200 | Year: 2015 | School:

The goal of this project is to provide amplification in the upper grade classrooms so that students can overcome acoustic obstacles and achieve greater academic success. The CAT is a whole room audio system that allows the teacher’s voice to be amplified and heard regardless of where the students are seated in the classroom.

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Investigating the Sciences using Data Collection Probes

Amount: $3,629 | Year: 2015 | School:

In conjunction with an iPad, the Science department will utilize LabQuest2 standalone Data Collection Devices to engage the students in ‘hands-on’ and ‘minds-on’ learning. The probes provide students with the opportunity to quickly acquire real-time data and facilitate real work inquiry-based learning in a STEM environment.

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Auditorium Sound System Upgrade

Amount: $8,284 | Year: 2015 | School: ,

Due to the multi-use nature of the auditorium and its impact on nearly every program and department within the school, upgrading the sound system provides immediate and long-lasting benefits for our students, faculty, parents, and community. By addressing the loudspeaker system, the audio upgrade will improve audio coverage, quality, and versatility to the sound system.

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