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Music – Support for children with Autism

Amount: $793 | Year: 2011 | School: ,

This grant allows teachers to update their music technology for the full day preschool program.  The request includes iPod shuffles, kids’ earphones, armbands, an iHome station & iTunes for the Pre-K program, all to be used as therapeutic and behavioral support.  Integrating music into the student’s academic day will be individualized to their sensory and […]

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Opening Communication Doors with Technology

Amount: $865 | Year: 2011 | School:

The Individual Education Program (IEP) goals targeted in speech and language therapy lay the foundation to help assist and accelerate learning.  The purchase of an iPad and dozens of apps will not only make the students’ therapies more practical and efficient but more fun too!

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SMART Response Interactive Remotes

Amount: $1,600 | Year: 2011 | School:

The SMART Response Interactive Response System operates in conjunction with the SmartBoard. Students are given a remote which is used to submit answers to prompts & questions presented on the SmartBoard. This allows all students a voice or input.  It enhances the lessons by allowing the instructors to adapt and differentiate instruction as needed and […]

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Contemporary Social Skills

Amount: $518

 | Year: 2009 | School: ,

The social skills program is one that helps students learn skills necessary for making and keeping friends, managing feelings, and social problem solving. This grant will add a Wii, an interactive gaming system, to the program. The growth and learning part is that when playing with other people we are forced to use appropriate language, […]

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Out on the Town

Amount: $1,500

 | Year: 2009 | School: ,

This community based learning project will provide the LLD students with improved self-esteem and self-confidence. The students will have mini-lessons throughout the unit pertaining to the experience scheduled for the month. The Lessons will be based on money, time management, communication, social, problem solving, and analytical skills that are used daily in a fourth through […]

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