Grants for Visual Arts

Stain Glass Mosaic Panels for the Media Center

Amount: $400 | Year: 2007 | School: ,

This grant will add a stain glass mosaic mural for the library. In 2006 and 2007 the art program created mosaic tile projects initiated with an NPEF grant. The National Art Honor Society, under the direction of Mrs. Gallagher, will create a mosaic that will flank the doors and would measure 22” wide by 84” […]

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Mosaic Tile Mural for Front Lobby

Amount: $1,000 | Year: 2006 | School:

This grant will continue the mosaic tile project initiated with an NPEF grant last year.  A series of three additional mosaic panels will be created by middle and high school students and installed in front of the High School Guidance Office.  The work would be run under the auspices of the National Art Honor Society.  […]

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Teleprompter Kit for Media Projects & Oral Communication

Amount: $1,600 | Year: 2006 | School:

This grant will help to improve student written and oral communications skills with the purchase of a Universal Teleprompter system, which will be used by the High School Journalism and Video Design classes during the production of magazine shows and sports reports.  In addition, this technology can be used to enhance the students’ awareness of […]

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Videography Kit

Amount: $1,755 | Year: 2005 | School: ,

Through this grant, a professional quality digital video camcorder and microphone will be added to the highschool/middle school videography equipment in order to decrease the size of Video Design groups sharing a camera and to allow teachers and students in other disciplines to document and share presentations, many of which become community resources when they […]

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Mosaic Squares for Front Lobby

Amount: $2,000 | Year: 2005 | School: ,

All interested Middle School and High School students will work together to create a series of mosaic panels to be installed in front of the guidance office to leave a lasting footprint on the school while exploring this unusual art medium.

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