Grants for Performing Arts

Band Room Sound System

Amount: $537.79 | Year: 2013 | School: ,

With an average of 150 students utilizing the band room everyday, this grant helps to insure that each student has a positive and gratifying musical experience with a good and reliable sound system which includes an Onkyo receiver and Bose speakers.

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Upgrade of Auditorium Lighting Console

Amount: $5,271 | Year: 2012 | School: , , ,

Replace the current lighting console with a more fully-functional digital lighting console, providing students, faculty and the community with a more versatile performance space.  The new console will save time and money by making more efficient use of our current lighting inventory and can be programmed using our new iPad technology.

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Shakespeare LIVE! Performance & Workshop

Amount: $2,750 | Year: 2012 | School:

Every year it becomes more challenging to convince the 21st century teenager that this playwright of the 16th century, Shakespeare, had something worthwhile and exciting to say, and a fabulous and engaging way in which to say it.  The New Jersey Shakespeare Theatre’s 60-90 minute “Speak the Speech” workshops will allow 30 students at a […]

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SMART Board for Performing Arts

Amount: $4,599 | Year: 2011 | School: ,

A primary goal of this grant was to provide a current educational technology tool to increase student engagement in the study of the performing arts. SmartBoards were installed for permanent use in the three music classrooms so that use of Sibelius notational software as well as numerous music applications now available via the web, can […]

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Music – Support for children with Autism

Amount: $793 | Year: 2011 | School: ,

This grant allows teachers to update their music technology for the full day preschool program.  The request includes iPod shuffles, kids’ earphones, armbands, an iHome station & iTunes for the Pre-K program, all to be used as therapeutic and behavioral support.  Integrating music into the student’s academic day will be individualized to their sensory and […]

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