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Shakespeare LIVE! Performance & Workshop

Every year it becomes more challenging to convince the 21st century teenager that this playwright of the 16th century, Shakespeare, had something worthwhile and exciting to say, and a fabulous and engaging way in which to say it.  The New Jersey Shakespeare Theatre’s 60-90 minute “Speak the Speech” workshops will allow 30 students at a given time  to actively incorporate their “cognitive learning, analysis and extrapolation, phonics, advanced reading and interpretive skills, while also exploring imagery, allusion and metaphor,” as well as other required subjects in the Common Core Standards.

Five student workshops for 30 Juniors each followed by a 90-minute performance in the Auditorium for Juniors (who will have studied MACBETH in their British Literature classes) and Freshman (who will have studied ROMEO and JULIET in their British Literature classes.)

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