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Multi-Sensory Manipulatives that Make a Difference

Amount: $851 | Year: 2018 | School:

This project will provide a variety of manipulatives in the classroom for PreK students with developmental disabilities. All students will benefit and will help them build fine motor and cognitive skills as well as teach them the appropriate social and play skills

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Hokki Focus Stool

Amount: $2,087.86 | Year: 2018 | School:

Hokki Stools are ergonomic, custom-sized stools that allow rocking, twisting & turning. This colorful stool provides much needed movement for children and will benefit children in the OT/PT therapy rooms. These stools will help to improve posture, focus, attention and behavior for students with autism, sensory processing disorder, autism and ADHD.

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Let’s Stay Focused

Amount: $2,000 | Year: 2018 | School:

These new sit/stand-up desks will help to achieve academic success in the classroom by offering an effective solution to prolonged sitting. Students will focus better, re-engage, stay on task and be more active in the classroom setting.

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Google Expeditions: Bringing Lessons to Life

Amount: $9,369 | Year: 2018 | School: , , ,

this Virtual Reality teaching tool lets teachers lead or join immersive virtual trips all over the world which gives and up-close look at historical landmarks, dive underwater with sharks and even outer space. Google Expeditions allows the teacher to act as a "guide" to lead classroom- sized groups of "explorers" through collections of 360 degree […]

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