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Logitech Crayon Digital Pencils

Amount: $3,100 | Year: 2020 | School:

To be used with iPads, the Logitech Crayon will emulate a pen, pencil, crayon and/or a marker and will enhance learning. This precise tool will allow students to work easily rather than using their fingers to annotate.

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3D Scanner

Amount: $5,699 | Year: 2020 | School:

This 3D scanner will further enhance the ability of students to take their ideas/designs and project them in the virtual world. It will provide students new avenues for expressing their creative and technical skill as well as their ability to acquire knowledge that is valued across various STEM/Art classes.

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Through the HoloLens

Amount: $7,398 | Year: 2020 | School:

These mixed reality smartglasses will allow students to learn more holistically. Students will not be limited to observation only in the classroom, but instead they will direct their vision in 360 degrees across an entire space and in every direction. This environment will also aid visual learners through experiencing the material in the areas of […]

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Flexible Seating

Amount: $640 | Year: 2019 | School:

Special Education Students continue to be introduced to alternative seating options into the classroom. Hokki stools and sitting wedges will be utilized to promote better focus, memory and positive learning.

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