Grants for Cross Subject

HowdaHug Chairs

Amount: $485.79 | Year: 2013 | School:

The HowdaHug chairs are durable, light weight, collapsible and portable chairs that provide students with support and non-disruptive movement. Primarily used for children receiving special education, the chair provides needed postural support for those children who have difficulty sitting upright for short periods of time. It also allows vestibular input by allowing the child to […]

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Headsets for Content Creation

Amount: $1,187.73 | Year: 2013 | School:

In order to help fulfill the Districts Personalized Learning Initiative, 24 headsets with microphones allow students to more efficiently create their own content on the iPads using apps such as ShowME, Educretions and Explain Everything. The headsets allow students to block out external noise while recording their thoughts and explanations.

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The Admission Game

Amount: $2,000 | Year: 2013 | School:

The Admission Game is an interactive program during which the audience is transformed into the college admissions panel at a highly competitive university. They audience is then asked to evaluate student applications based upon a larger discussion about the factors considered in the college admissions process.

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iPads for Elementary School Libraries

Amount: $7,850 | Year: 2012 | School: ,

Five iPads, cases and applications will be added to the existing library iPad carts for each elementary school, bringing the total count from 7 iPads at each school to 12 at Salt Brook and 12 at Roberts. By placing these additional iPads on a centrally locating an iPad cart, they can be shared among all […]

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Creating 21st Century 3rd Grade Classrooms

Amount: $1,500 | Year: 2012 | School:

Chairs, carpets and accessories for 4 third grade classrooms. A successful learning space should be multi-functional, comfortable and needs to reflect the diversity of the learners and their particular needs.  Flexible small-group spaces with easy access to laptops facilitate Science and Social Studies curriculum initiatives.  Readers’ and Writers’ Workshops require meeting spaces for small-group paternerships […]

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