Grants for Salt Brook

Advanced Math Explorations

Amount: $559.80 | Year: 2018 | School: ,

Students will be able to explore project-oriented accelerated Math activities. They will work collaboratively and independently to examine and analyze math minds task to strengthen their abilities and support needed enrichment.

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Multi-Sensory Phonemic Awareness

Amount: $1,223.84 | Year: 2018 | School: ,

These new Phonemic awareness books will be provided for each elementary school and will be used in a small & large group setting. Additional training in this area will increase reading and spelling and are geared towards developing and strengthening phonological processing.

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Chariot of the Sun

Amount: $1,300 | Year: 2018 | School: ,

This is an exciting and interactive opportunity to explore the Ancient world with this award- winning educational based presentation. The presentation combines poetry, masks, mime & audience participation designated to stimulate interest in the study of Ancient Greece.

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STEM–From Coding to Computational Thinking

Amount: $10,336 | Year: 2018 | School: ,

These supplies will supplement equipment purchased through the previous Mobile Marker grant. The Bee-Bot Robots, WeDo Lego and Sphero SPRK+ will help to unleash innovation on an on- going basis. Students will put STEM skills into real-world use while building teamwork and fostering creativity.

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Focus and Engaged

Amount: $301.92 | Year: 2018 | School:

These products will be utilized to assist students that tend to struggle with staying focused and engaged during independent work sessions. The inflatable sensory cushions will help students stay calm and focused while sitting. The earmuffs will help students with sensory issues and ADHD to try to improve their focus as the earmuffs drown out […]

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