Grants for 2021

Lu Interactive Playground

Amount: $26,689 | Year: 2021 | School:

The Lu Interactive Playground, currently being utilized at AWR,  is an innovative technological device that complements our health & physical education curriculum.  Lu enhances the district’s faculty to develop a modern learning environment. The Lu also supports a student’s social-emotional learning by helping to develop confidence, self-esteem, stress reduction, and communication skills. The Lu allows […]

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Live Fish Cam

Amount: $2,109 | Year: 2021 | School: , , ,

A series of high-quality IP cameras will be used with live streaming will enhance the Science and STEM programs for all students. The Live Fish Cam will provide the ability to experience, in real-time, unique and diverse marine freshwater and salt water environments. Used in Oceanography, Marine Biology, Animal Behavior, Biology as well as K-8 […]

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Podcasting Microphones

Amount: $1,500 | Year: 2021 | School: ,

These microphones will help to enhance the curriculum for Creative writing students and others in grades 7-12.  They allow students to produce higher quality projects such as podcasts, radio commercials and film presentations

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Brain Biometrics

Amount: $8,820 | Year: 2021 | School:

This wearable, mobile (EEG) can detect electrical activity in a persons brain by attaching it to the scalp.  This product is designed for the use of student research, machine learning, human behavior and market investigative projects. It can be used to better understand the parts of the brain by creating and monitoring data points in […]

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Dual Extruder 3D Printer

Amount: $902 | Year: 2021 | School:

Goal was to increase the number of accessible 3D printers to our students and staff. This one will be utilized for a wide variety of STEM applications including Environmental Sustainability, IED, Biomedical Engineering, Biology and extracurriculars such as STEM Club and Waksman Scholars Club. This will help to enhance students overall creativity, collaboration and communication […]

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