Grants for 2013

Let’s Amp it Up!!!!

Amount: $5,200 | Year: 2013 | School:

Since listening is directly related to a student’s learning, CAT systems were awarded to several classroom at Roberts School. These semi-portable infrared audio systems provide a wireless microphone that amplifies his/her voice through a loudspeaker evenly and distributes it throughout the classroom. It allows every students to clearly hear the teacher’s voice and the same […]

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An Apple a Day…

Amount: $4,449 | Year: 2013 | School:

Adding to the current number of iPads, this grant provides technology in a resource room setting to aid in all academic areas. For example, in Language Arts the students will use their Google Drive accounts to create, save, and collaborate in Reading and Writing Workshops. In Math, students will use apps to increase automaticity in […]

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A Sound Classroom Environment

Amount: $10,840 | Year: 2013 | School:

During the 2012-13 school year, Salt Brook implemented a pilot program involving the usage of FM systems in several classrooms. Due to its success, this grant was able to purchase FM systems for additional classrooms at Salt Brook with a goal of providing all classrooms with the hardware. The FM systems allow every student to hear the teacher’s voice […]

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HowdaHug Chairs

Amount: $485.79 | Year: 2013 | School:

The HowdaHug chairs are durable, light weight, collapsible and portable chairs that provide students with support and non-disruptive movement. Primarily used for children receiving special education, the chair provides needed postural support for those children who have difficulty sitting upright for short periods of time. It also allows vestibular input by allowing the child to […]

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