Grants for 2006

Video Analysis of Motion

Amount: $2,750 | Year: 2006 | School:

    The project involves capturing analyzing video segments of various physical situations and utilizing the LoggerPro Software already acquired through past grants.  This process will shorten the time required to explore a concept, and provide a capability that we currently do not possess: acquisition of data of complex movements.  Video analysis requires cutting-edge technology […]

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Mathematical Patterns as they relate to the Real World Through the Use of Technology

Amount: $15,549 | Year: 2006 | School:

Patterns are one of the most important ideas studied in all disciplines.  We are now recognizing the connection between biology and mathematics and how patterns discovered in math, for example are directly related to the way viruses regenerate themselves.  With the addition of new, advanced technology and Internet access, students from ninth grade through  twelfth grade […]

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