Grants for Equipment

The Focus Desk Project

Amount: $2,630 | Year: 2017 | School:

Quite often students are in motion and need movement to increase focus. Traditional desks may make students feel boxed in, bringing out distracting behaviors. Focus desks provide students an opportunity to stand at their desk during instruction and work time.

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Stem Open-Ended Building

Amount: $305 | Year: 2017 | School:

Using Brackitz, a building block kit, students explore using open-ended projects. They are encouraged to build and experiment with block play, which encourages problem solving and collaboration.

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Fidgets for Focus

Amount: $469 | Year: 2017 | School:

Fidgets are self-regulating tools to help with focus, attention, calming, and active listening. Fidget tools provide students with small objects that can be squeezed, pulled or moved around as the child listens to the teacher.

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Outdoor Environmental Classroom

Amount: $3,990 | Year: 2017 | School:

With the renovation of the Salt Brook courtyard, there is space to create a learning environment to include tables, seating, outdoor chalkboards, etc., creating an educational, eco-friendly and inspiring outdoor learning environment for students and teachers at Salt Brook School. This grant will complete the renovation and make it a fully functional interactive outdoor learning […]

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