Grants for Social Studies

Phase III Smartboard Integration: Social Studies

Amount: $2,150
 | Year: 2008 | School:

Smartboard technology enhanced the Social Studies instruction through the use of interactive projection technology, provided a means to deliver specialized academic support, and allowed students to present research and historical analysis through programs such as PowerPoint, ABC-Clio, and Safari Montage.

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Stepping into a Digital Classroom

Amount: $1,060 | Year: 2007 | School:

Four digital cameras are requested. Integrating digital cameras will allow for more productive, creative, and enhanced lessons and presentations. Resources are consistently being provided for classroom teachers to increase their technology education and incorporate the latest technology within their classrooms. Smart Boards, laptop computers, and multimedia carts are becoming an active part of our classrooms […]

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Enhancing Social Studies Instruction using a Multimedia Approach

Amount: $2,850 | Year: 2007 | School:

The Social Studies Department requests to add LCD projectors to two classrooms. This is predicated on the need to enhance Social Studies instruction through the use of technology. This technology will provide not only the capability to enhance image projection but will provide a platform for taking advantage of existing software and academic support materials […]

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International Festival

Amount: $3,000 | Year: 2006 | School: , , ,

The International Festival is a bi-annual event that offers a simulated world tour for students district-wide and the community.  Live performances of traditional dancing and drumming have been an exciting feature of this program.  Countries from the four corners of the earth have been represented by student booths offering a smattering of the authentic experience […]

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American History Comes Alive

Amount: $488 | Year: 2006 | School:

One of the best ways to get students interested in history is to better involve them through the use of images, activities, and simulations.  This project will provide them with PowerPoint slide shows, simulations, DVDs and other project-oriented activities, all of which make the subject matter come alive.

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