Grants for Middle School

Micro Dome – A View Port to the Universe

Amount: $1,000 | Year: 2005 | School:

The three dimensional universe will be simulated on site through this grant.  In two separate visits in order to accommodate all eighth-grade science students.  A presentation addressing specific curriculum content objectives will accompany each simulation.

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Stock Market Simulation

Amount: $2,700 | Year: 2005 | School:

All seventh and eight grade math teachers will be able to offer their students the opportunity to research, “invest”, analyze and report on the performance of each student’s hypothetical investment portfolio, using computer-based research, graphing and presentation resources provided with this grant.

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Leveled Lending Library, A.W. Roberts and Salt Brook Schools

Amount: $4,000 | Year: 2004 | School:

This program will establish a book lending library at both Salt Brook and Allen W. Roberts Schools at the kindergarten and first-grade levels to promote literacy among students in the early elementary grades.  Teachers would be able to access materials in the library to engage in graded reading with small groups of students to enhance […]

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Amount: $5,574 | Year: 2004 | School:

A hands-on, minds-on program that integrates science, math and technology, RoboChallenge will allow Middle School students to build on their fourth-grade robotics and sixth-grade models and  designs units by providing guided and progressive robotics and machine design exercises.  Students will have the opportunity to solve problems using tools, machines and processes used in industry and […]

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