Wall of Fame

Want to thank a teacher, administrator, or group of teachers for their great work?

Add your praise to our “Wall of Fame” and we will send them a certificate like this with their name(s) on it. Just donate $10 or more as a Teacher Tribute and fill out our online form.

  • Mr. Brodeur:

    Social Studies, NPHS, December 2012

    Congratulations on achieving the impossible…organizing John!

    John & the Vetter Family
  • Mrs. McCabe:

    Nurse, NPHS, December 2012

    Thank you for taking such good care of Aage after his concussion!

    Aage & the Vetter Family
  • Mr. Finley:

    Physics, NPHS, December 2012

    Thank you for helping Aage with Physics this year!

    Aage & the Vetter Family
  • Thank you Mrs. Reyes!

    World Languages, NPHS, December 2012

    Grazie per l’insegnamento mi dell’italiano!

    Gianna Luciano
  • Thank you Mr. Keaney!

    Science, NPHS, December 2012

    You are proof that Form Follows Function…you’re one great teacher. Thank you!

    Gianna Luciano
  • Thank you Mr. Goldstein!

    Language Arts, NPHS, December 2012

    A small thank you to a GREAT teacher!

    Gianna Luciano
  • Thank you Mr. Niedziejko

    Band Director, NPHS, September 2012

    Thank you for all your hard work and influence over the years with all the children of New Providence! My son is a better person because of your guidance, influence, and time spent with him. I used to be concerned about a pre-teen looking for direction, but can now say that I am very proud of the young man he has become, the man he will be, and the interest in music that you have helped inspire and will stay with him for years to come.

    Karen Davis Suric
  • For making the transition so easy!

    Staff, Middle School, August 2012

    Thanks to the Middle School staff for making our son’s first year such a great one!

    The Seth Family
  • Thanks for 8 years of great teachers!

    All, Roberts, August 2012

    For each of the last 8 years our 3 kids have had teachers ranging from outstanding to merely very, very good.  You have nurtured their love of books, fostered their curiosity, and gently guided their path to adulthood!

    The Seth Family
  • Thank you Mrs. Powers

    First Grade Teacher, Salt Brook, August 2012

    Mrs. Powers, thank you for being a really nice teacher and teaching me a lot this year!

    Hayden Singer and family