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Goldman Sachs Gives

Established in 2007, Goldman Sachs Gives is a donor-advised fund available to partners and former partners of the firm. The program is a public charity that maintains individual donor accounts from which donors can recommend grants to qualified charitable organizations.

Goldman Sachs Gives is an important part of the firm’s tradition of philanthropy, which is based, in large measure, on the involvement of our people in the non -profit sector. Goldman Sachs announced a $500 million charitable contribution in 2009 and a $320 million contribution in 2010 to Goldman Sachs Gives. This expansion of Goldman Sachs Gives reinforces the firm’s commitment to philanthropy through diversified and impactful giving at a time when non-profits need it most.

Through Goldman Sachs Gives, the firm’s partners recommend non-profit organizations that may receive donations. The four focus areas for distribution are in those areas that have proven to be fundamental to: building & stabilizing communities, increasing educational opportunities, creating jobs & economic growth, and honoring service & veteran.