Grants in Action

Environmental Science Course

The district has been rewriting curricula to meet the requirements of the Understanding by Design format. Environmental Science, an elective for juniors and seniors, is in the process of modifying its approach to teaching science, resulting in a class that is even more inquiry-based and field oriented.

It is designed to incorporate important scientific skills such as observation, problem solving, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, global awareness and the use of 21st century technology.

The Biology Department will use the grant to purchase Vernier handheld LabQuest interfaces, which will increase the utilization of the Vernier Probes purchased in the past.

The LabQuest software enables the Vernier probes to be used independently from a computer outside the classroom and can graph and analyze much of the data collected right in the field. In addition, the grant will allow the department to purchase soil, water, and forest testing kits and equipment.

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