Chris Naughton President

Chris joined the board of the NPEF as a Co-Treasurer in 2017.  He has also served as Co-Vice President and became President in 2022.  Chris and his wife, Shannon, have four children, Declan, Fintan, Kelly and Rory…all of whom are proud to call themselves Salt Brook Tigers.  Originally from the Jersey Shore, he graduated from the University of Richmond in 1997 with a BS in Accounting and received an MBA from Fordham University in 2006.  He has been a resident of New Providence since 2007 and is currently working as a Corporate Controller and periodically teaches a class at Fairleigh Dickinson as a adjunct professor.In addition to volunteering his time with the NPEF, Chris has been a coach with NP PAL in their baseball, basketball, and softball programs.  Most recently, he and his wife have become involved with the Pioneer Bandwagon.